Electrical Control Panels are an essential part of all industrial applications. These are used to control mechanical equipment. Each one is designed for a particular equipment arrangement and includes devices that allow an operator to control specific equipment. Electrical control panels send signals to a wide range of industrial equipment such as heaters, industrial machinery, lighting, motors, and others. Different types of electrical panels include the variable frequency drive panel, power distribution electrical panel, automatic mains failure control panel, low tension, high tension, and others. The benefits of using an electrical control panel are it increases up time, increases overall efficiency, optimizes use of electric power, reduces unscheduled services and others. These are found in factories to monitor and control machines or production lines and in places such as nuclear power plants, ships, aircraft, and others.

Rise in demand from the electrical sector and equipment safety are driving the growth of the electric control panel market. Rise in R&D to increase the efficiency of the electrical system is expected to be an additional upcoming opportunity and is likely to propel the growth of the control panel market. Our offerings ensure customisation, high performance and value creation in every application.

There are two micro-segments:

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