Given the country’s ambition to modernise infrastructure, advance its cities with ‘smart’ development, and boost employment, the outlook for commercial building construction is promising. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are energy-intensive systems which are used to maintain high-quality air in commercial construction. The HVAC ducts' system is mostly required for commercial buildings as air conditioning and temperature control play a critical role in a large building. The system is more complex with increasing numbers of people and lower ventilation.

In the commercial sector, ceiling tiles are mostly used in offices, retail stores, educational institutions, hospitals, hospitality industry, multiplexes, home theaters, auditoriums, etc. Commercial buildings require ceilings with strength, durability, and good aesthetic value and the ceiling tiles used in this sector must cater to the aforementioned needs. As per the market scenario, industrial sectors will become more focused on innovation and adopt fresh technologies in the coming years, which will lead to the growth of the commercial building segment.

There are three micro-segments:

Pre-Engineered BuildingsHVAC-AHU False Ceilings
Steel Grades: CQ, DQ, HSQ