Agriculture without steel is unimaginable. From tilling the land and planting seeds to watering, harvesting, storing, and transporting crops, steel is vital. Steel also facilitates the feeding, shelter, and transportation of livestock. The machines and equipment that process what we eat, and drink are also made with steel. In terms of flat steel usage the agriculture market in India is categorised into two - Tractors & Agri-Implements. The Tractors segment is an organized segment due to the presence of large OEMs, however the agri-implement segment is framgented & marked by the presence of several smaller players. The Tractor & Agri-Implements segment is expected to show high growth in the future considering that farm mechanisation level in India is 40% compared to 90-95% in developed economies.

In the agriculture and forestry equipment sectors, equipment and machinery need to cater to specific requirements of reliability, durability, and efficiency. Our wear-resistant steel plays a critical role in these applications. From basic hoes, shovels, and forks, hand tools like files, pliers, spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers to modern ploughs, irrigation systems and grain storage silos, our brands are there every step of the way, making agriculture easier and more efficient. The thickness and width range make our offerings the first choice for agri-machinery manufacturers. Also, availability as per the desired sizes for component manufacturing along with the tighter tolerances greatly reduces the manufacturing cost and improves yield.

There are two micro-segments:

Agri implements, Tractor, Tractor trolleys, Harrow Discs, Harvester-Combines, RotavatorsForestry
Steel Grades: IS1079D/EDD, IS2062 Gr A, BSK46, SAPH440, DQ, EDD, IF