Quality is not a dose to be delivered once - rather, taking the message of quality to each customer requires sustained efforts for attitude change and habit creation. Tata Steel ECA brands have introduced the concept of QUALITHON – a quality marathon to be run along with customers. Rather than one-size-fits all, we have created a programme architecture that addresses the needs of differing functions within multiple segments.
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Safety First

Creating safety champions

Safety training with National Safety Council, Mumbai to create Safety Marshalls at customers' organisations for better safety ...
Other Engagement Activities

Misc. customer engagement

There are many other engagement activities conducted on an ongoing basis - plant visits, ECA conclaves, workshops on 5s and ...
Milestone Celebrations
1920W X 1440H

Celebrating milestones together!

Every milestone on a journey of growth is a reason to smile. We believe that milestones are special occasions and that ...
ECA Talk

Storytelling at its best!

A forum for candid conversations with customers. This has created a listening and sharing platform for incredible stories ...
Quality Awareness

Quality is a priority

Knowledge-sharing forums and quality clinics for middle and senior management on a variety of topics that impact quality ...
Skilling India

Upgrading shop floor skills

Training for shop floor workers on key processes like welding, painting, powder coating, pressing and forming for yield improvement ...
Purchase Pro

Impacting purchase functions

Workshops for purchase and supply professionals to drive the concept of 'best value procurement' and latest concepts in ...
Segment Meets

Micro-segment engagement

Focussed sessions with stakeholders of a particular segment to understand their specific needs and evolve customised offerings ...
ECA Connect
ECA Connect Meaningful connections

Meaningful connections

A forum for senior management to connect with top management of customer organisations for in-depth discussion to help strengthen ...