Does Extra Deep Drawn Steel have the capability to form incrementally?

Does Extra Deep Drawn Steel have the capability to form incrementally?

Does Extra Deep Drawn Steel have the capability to form incrementally?

Extra Deep Drawn Steel (EDD) has transformed the manufacturing industry with its exceptional properties and versatility. EDD steel is a specialized grade of steel that offers a perfect balance of formability, elongation, yield strength, and ductility, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.
With its remarkable capabilities, EDD steel has become a game-changer in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and appliance manufacturing. TATA DigEca, a leading innovator, harnesses the power of EDD steel in groundbreaking ways, driving advancements and revolutionizing manufacturing processes.

Unveiling the Power of EDD Steel

EDD steel stands out due to its unique properties that redefine manufacturing possibilities. It offers exceptional formability, allowing it to be stretched, bent, or pressed into complex shapes without compromising its structural integrity. This exceptional formability is crucial for deep drawing operations where the material undergoes extensive deformation to create intricate components. EDD steel's ability to maintain its strength and shape throughout the process ensures high-quality end products.

Exploring EDD Steel Properties:

• Formability Redefined:
EDD steel sets new standards for formability in the manufacturing industry. Its superior formability enables manufacturers to create intricate and customized parts with ease. From automotive body panels to precision components in aerospace applications, EDD steel's formability allows for the production of complex shapes without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

• Elongation: Stretching the Boundaries:
One of the key advantages of EDD steel is its exceptional elongation capability. This property allows the material to stretch significantly before reaching its breaking point. Manufacturers can leverage this elongation property to produce innovative designs that require extreme shaping or elongation. EDD steel's ability to stretch and conform to complex contours enables the production of unique components that meet specific requirements.

• Yield Strength: Taming the Power:
EDD steel exhibits a low yield strength, which plays a significant role in its incremental forming capabilities. Incremental forming is a manufacturing technique where the material is gradually shaped through localized deformation, without the need for dedicated dies or molds. EDD steel's low yield strength allows it to undergo plastic deformation with ease during incremental forming, reducing the force required and improving the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

• Ductility: Unyielding Flexibility:
EDD steel possesses high ductility, which is crucial for applications involving severe forming operations. Ductility refers to the material's ability to withstand large amounts of stress without experiencing permanent deformation or failure. In industries such as automotive, aerospace, and appliance manufacturing, where components undergo extensive shaping and stress, EDD steel's ductility ensures the integrity and longevity of the end products.

Unveiling the Types of EDD Steel:

• HRPO EDD Steel
Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) EDD steel is produced through a process of hot rolling, pickling, and oil coating. This production method results in superior surface quality and improved formability. HRPO EDD steel finds applications in various industries where excellent surface finish and enhanced formability are paramount. TATA DigEca utilizes HRPO EDD steel in its innovative manufacturing processes to deliver superior quality products.

• CRS EDD Steel
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) EDD steel undergoes a cold rolling process that enhances its surface finish and dimensional accuracy. CRS EDD steel offers excellent formability and dimensional control, making it suitable for precision-driven applications. TATA DigEca leverages CRS EDD steel to produce high-precision components that meet the stringent requirements of industries such as furniture and automotive manufacturing.

The Incremental Forming Revolution with EDD Steel:

Incremental forming, when combined with EDD steel, is a dieless metalworking process that offers significant advantages for the production of a wide range of products in small quantities. EDD steel's unique properties, such as high formability, low yield strength, and ductility, make it an excellent choice for incremental forming processes. By gradually shaping the material, manufacturers can achieve intricate designs, reduce production time, and lower costs.

Using EDD Steel:

Automotive Innovations:

The automotive industry benefits greatly from EDD steel's incremental forming potential. By utilizing EDD steel, manufacturers can produce lightweight yet strong components with complex shapes. TATA DigEca employs EDD steel to create automotive body panels, chassis parts, and other critical components that meet stringent safety and performance standards.

Furniture Design and Manufacturing:

EDD steel also enables the creation of furniture with seamless surfaces and high-quality finishes. TATA DigEca utilizes EDD steel's excellent formability and surface quality to craft furniture components that exhibit a refined and polished appearance. Whether it's a sleek and modern coffee table or an intricately designed chair, EDD steel ensures that the furniture pieces manufactured by TATA DigEca are visually appealing and of superior quality.

Appliances Transformed:

Due to its favorable weldability and comparatively lower yield strength, Extra Deep Drawn (EDD) steel has found application in the production of various components such as door inners, dash panels, and bodyside inners. Whether producing stainless steel appliances or intricate components for home appliances, EDD steel ensures high-quality and long-lasting products. TATA DigEca utilizes EDD steel to create aesthetically pleasing appliances that withstand the rigors of everyday use.


Extra Deep Drawn Steel (EDD) has emerged as a versatile and indispensable material in the manufacturing industry. Its unique properties, including exceptional formability, elongation, low yield strength, and high ductility, have revolutionized the way components are produced. By leveraging the incremental forming capabilities of EDD steel, manufacturers can achieve complex designs, reduce costs, and improve overall manufacturing efficiency.

TATA DigEca is at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the incremental forming capabilities of EDD steel in its groundbreaking technologies. The company utilizes EDD steel in various ways to optimize manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, and drive advancements across multiple industries. TATA DigEca's expertise in incorporating EDD steel into its manufacturing processes showcases the versatility and immense potential of this remarkable material.



Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2023